Legend is a peer-reviewed journal published quarterly. We feature an interview, an artwork, creative writing, and an academic article curated to consider a theme chosen by the editors. Periodically we publish interesting reviews of art exhibitions, performances, and other events of cultural and political interest.
We welcome submissions from artists, scholars, and reviewers. For guidelines on submitting, please see the instructions below.
Legend supports the creative and theoretical consideration of ideas that rigorously and complexly examine aesthetics and politics through inteventions in the status quo. 
Legend Journal  seeks essays (approximately 25–30 pages or 6,500–9,000 words, including endnotes) that engage with current academic and popular discourses in theory, art, aesthetics, and media studies. The journal encourages contributions in areas such as the intersections of gender, race, class, and sexuality with audiovisual culture; new histories and theories of film, television, video, and digital media; and politically engaged approaches to a range of media practices. We encourage potential contributors to browse recent issues of the journal for examples of the types of scholarship we publish.

Legend is also interested in short reviews (750–2,500 words) of artworks, exhibitions, novels of every genre, films, and media objects or practices that engage with the areas above. The review section includes solicited contributions and open submissions, with the intention of enriching dialogue between feminist, queer, and race media scholarship and the practices—production, distribution, exhibition, organizing, curating, archiving, research —that inform it.

Please submit an electronic copy of the manuscript (as a Microsoft Word e-mail attachment) with a cover letter to the managing editor legendejournal@gmail.com. Manuscripts should be double-spaced and use endnotes. Legend follows the Modern Language Association conventions for style and citation.

Artworks and creative writing are curated by invitation at this time, but we are always looking to work with curators, editors, authors, and artists whose work is a good match for our interests. Please contact the editors with a short query email that explains your project, your goals, and the type of work you do. Portfolios will be requested after the initial contact and discussions.

Send inquiries to legendejournal@gmail.com.

Editorial Board

April Durham, PhD . Managing Editor
Dessislava Dimova . Curatorial Editor
Bryan Gorrie . Creative Editor
Sabine Doran, PhD . Academic Editor