Summer Travels, Dog Days, Not A Lifestyle

A trip to the moon on gossamer wings is not always possible, although you may try once again to launch in that direction.

Tripping the light fantastic, from within the walls of what is known, you might just exit the package tour of the absolute, leave the preconceived notions of what will be at the next highway rest area, buy a vending machine, diesel-inflected coffee, and drift off into an unanticipated zone of discovery. Be sure to take the proper shoes, and then a pair for dancing, just in case.

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

So now you're thinking a lot about Fate. You'd like to say its because you're a great thinker involved with the Grand, Overarching Themes of Life. But it is easier to dwell in abstraction than face straight on the notion that you're destined for banality. Check the Grand at the door and step off into the Carney Show. You might just wake up.