"And there are processes of parallel emergence, noncausal connctions and simultaneous developments which suggest that sexual relations continually shift in sympathy with changes to the ways many other aspects of the world work." 
- Sadie Plant, Zeros and Ones:  Digital Women and the New Technoculture, 1997

22 November 2016

Dearest Reader, Viewer, Art Lover,

When women were still hopeful about the promises of "becoming cyborg," that is to say through and despite the developments of postfeminism in the late 1990s, there was a sense tht networked being could alleviate the limitation of culturally imposed, gendered labor (among other issues). While even Donna Haraway, mother of the term "cyborg" in the feminist context, has distanced herself from the concept in favor of a more "material" connection to her dogs and other non-human creatures, the digitally material body still haunts our dreams, carrying with it the promise of some kind of disruption of old ways and engendering the emergent, noncausal, sympathetic connections Sadie Plant mentions in the epigraph. 

This issue of Legende uses an artwork multi-media artist Kate Alexandrite produced earlier in 2016, Periscope Party Performance ,  to explore questions of gendered labor, technological play, and memorial practices as sites of creative inquiry. Inspired by the complexity and richness of this playful work about the serious job of hosting a party, the entire issue networks out with the artwork as huband draws in collaborators and interlocutors in imaginary and real epistolary dialogues. As increasingly complex questions of gender, femininity, and possibility are foregrounded in current US politics and popular culture, we hope this issue will contribute in a meaningful way to the conversation.

Finally our ongoing artist research, Variable in Appearance , includes a curious look at "Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain," with curator, writer, and researcher Dessislava Dimova, who continues the labor of investigating that which is presumed impossible in seemingly unlikely places.

The Editors
Legende Journal