Falling Rain
Stephanie Martz
I remember the day I found you
writing the sea, beauty
from afar.
But you never said rain hits without
a sound.
One day I will no longer hear the sound your
footsteps make down
the hall.
The waves have washed in and they drag away
every grain of our
It is you I have loved.
The sea with its betrayal turned
into an ocean
of loss.
I can still hear the clasp of oars that late night we sat in a tower
with stained glass light and the wind blew
in all three directions
of our tiny night
Stephanie Martz is an artist and writer who received her MFA from California Institute of the Arts. Her artwork has been exhibited throughout the country and featured in print and online literary journals. Her poetry has been published online in Wicked Alice and poemeleon . She currently lives in Long Beach, California with two black cats and her dog, Matisse.

banner photograph: "Pluie sur l'estuaire," detail by Philippe Alès, 2006